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Storage Unit Insurance

Our priority at SO Storage is to provide you with the most secure storage unit possible so that your home and business possessions are protected whilst in store with us.

This protection comes from maintaining our storage facilities to the highest standards, complying with all necessary building and fire regulations. We protect your possessions using individual room alarms, and access is only granted when a unique pin entry code is entered. Further protection is provided from our state of the art 24-hour CCTV monitoring system and rapid response alarm security.

However, unfortunately, events can happen that are outside of our control despite our very best efforts; such as catastrophic weather events or arson. That’s why insurance for a storage unit is vital to ensure your possessions are completely protected. Reliable storage unit insurance from a company you can trust guarantees the value of your belongings is protected.

To help facilitate this we’re able to secure protection for your goods under a bespoke insurance policy, underwritten by RSA which we have arranged with our Insurance Brokers, Reason Global.

In addition to the wide coverage provided by the Insurer, our brokers are self-storage industry specialists and provide individual support to our customers in the event of a claim… and it won’t affect your home insurance premiums.

What does our insurance cover?

Our insurance policy has a number of benefits over most household policies. It will cover your goods against everything listed below and more.

  • Fire
  • Storms
  • Pests
  • Flood
  • Lightening
  • Earthquakes

If you feel that our Self Storage insurance policy isn’t for you, we are happy to accept proof of cover from another insurance provider, however, we do not offer any advice over its suitability or whether the cover replicates the wide cover available to you via our arrangements.

At SO Storage, we do everything to ensure your possessions are safe and secure in our storage units. Including using the correct materials to protect your belongings, such as bubble wrap, durable storage boxes, mattress covers and other protective coverings for furniture and fabrics. As well as installing extensive protection measures like 24-hour CCTV monitoring, security alarms, and secure coded locks.

Of course, these processes protect against damage but will not safeguard against a natural disaster, theft or fire. In the event the worst does happen and an item does suffer damage, our insurance policy will protect its value. Our storage insurance guarantees you to have peace of mind that your personal and business belongings have total protection while in a storage unit.

If you’re looking for storage unit insurance, contact us for all your removals and storage solutions today.

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