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House Storage Units

If you’re moving in with a partner, relocating or simply moving home house storage units are essential. Whenever you move to a new property, you will have to organise your belongings. Sorting through all your possessions can be a challenge, especially when planning a space for them in your new property. House storage companies are the perfect solution to these issues.

Instead of throwing away possessions you want to keep, you can store them in a safe and secure environment until you’re ready. You will have peace of mind that your belongings are protected and will be in the same condition as you left them when you want them back.

We ensure your possessions are protected using individual room alarms, with entry only granted once a unique pin code has been entered. Our storage units are monitored by 24-hour CCTV cameras and security alarms that allow us to provide a rapid response.

Storage Unit in Eynsham

If you’re moving in with someone else in Oxfordshire, you have to combine both of your belongings into one home. This isn’t easy and can present an added challenge to the home moving process. The simplest way to eliminate this issue is with a local storage unit in Eynsham.

Instead of having to compromise on what belongings you both want to keep, you can store possessions you don’t have room for in a secure storage unit. At SO Storage, we offer both short term and long term storage solutions. That means you can have peace of mind over the safety of possessions for as long as you need.

We’re a local house storage company based in Oxfordshire. We have storage units in Eynsham and Oxford which make us ideal if you’re local and planning a home renovation. Whenever you decorate an area of your home, you need to move furniture, mattresses and whatever else is in the room. So where do you store all your possessions in the meanwhile?

Our storage units are the perfect temporary storage solution. You can protect your belongings while any home renovations are taking place. This gives you peace of mind that your possessions are safe and protected. If you store them in somewhere like your garden, this puts them at risk of damage from the weather or even being stolen. Our storage units are secure, safe and ensure your belongings remain in the condition you left them in.

Storage Unit When Relocating

For any home move, storage units can be crucial to making the process stress free and simple. When you’re relocating, moving home can present more challenges. But, with the right storage solutions, you can avoid having to make any tough decisions on what possessions you want to keep.

Our storage solutions can be a great way to ensure your belongings are safe for the long-term. Even while you’re in a completely different area of the country. This is extremely useful for large furniture items such as desks or beds. You can use our storage units for any of your possessions, we provide storage solutions that work for you.

We use the correct materials to keep your belongings safe including bubble wrap, strong cardboard boxes, and mattress covers. Using our specialist storage units, guarantee your possessions are secure as long as we’re holding them.

If you’re interested in a home storage unit in Eynsham and Oxfordshire, contact us for all your removals and storage solutions today.

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