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Oxford’s Most Expensive Streets: Analysing Property Market

Oxford’s Most Expensive Streets

Oxford, a name synonymous with academic excellence and centuries-old traditions, is not just a hub for scholars and tourists. This historic city, with its dreaming spires and cobblestone streets, is also home to some of the most expensive residential areas in the United Kingdom. As property prices continue to soar across the country, Oxford’s affluent neighbourhoods have become increasingly attractive to those seeking luxurious living in a city rich with history and culture.

Let us explore the importance of Oxford’s property market, delving into the details of the city’s most expensive streets. Whether you’re a potential buyer, a curious local, or simply intrigued by the world of high-end real estate, discover the list of Oxford’s most coveted addresses.

List of Most Expensive Streets in Oxford

When it comes to luxury living in Oxford, certain streets stand head and shoulders above the rest. Recent data has shed light on where the city’s most valuable properties are located, with some eye-watering average prices that reflect the prestige of these addresses.

At the top of the list is Bradmore Road, boasting an average property price of £5,618,081. Situated in the highly desirable North Oxford area, Bradmore Road offers residents a perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquillity. The street is known for its proximity to independent shops, lush green spaces, and picturesque riverside walks, making it a dream spot for those who can afford its hefty price tag.

However, Bradmore Road isn’t alone in its exclusivity. Other notable expensive streets in Oxford include:

Street Name Postcode Average Property Price
Bradmore Road OX2 £5,618,081
Charlbury Road OX2 £5,103,000
Crick Road OX2 £4,456,922
Chadlington Road OX2 £3,302,373
Linton Road OX2 £2,968,839
Northmoor Road OX2 £2,543,921


It’s worth noting that all of these streets are located in the OX2 postcode area, which encompasses much of North Oxford and is widely regarded as one of the most desirable parts of the city.

Highest Turnover Streets in Oxford

While some streets in Oxford are known for their astronomical prices, others are notable for their high turnover rates. These are streets where properties change hands more frequently, indicating a dynamic and active local market.

According to available data, the streets with the highest turnover in Oxford are:

Street Name Area/Ward Postcode Average Property Price
Goodey Close Littlemore OX4 56.2%
Chapel Street St Clement’s OX4 54.5%
Tyndale Place Wheatley OX33 52.6%
Krebs Gardens Rose Hill & Iffley OX4 50.0%
The Dale Headington OX3 47.8%


Interestingly, these high-turnover streets are predominantly located in different areas of Oxford compared to the most expensive streets, suggesting a more diverse and active market in these regions.

What Makes These Streets Expensive?

The prices of Oxford’s most expensive streets are not arbitrary. Several key factors contribute to their high valuations:

Analysing Oxford’s Property Market

While Oxford’s property market has seen significant growth in recent years, with prices rising steadily, it’s important to note that the city’s housing market has not experienced the same level of growth as some other regions in the UK. 

The city’s compact nature and strict planning regulations result in limited land availability for new developments, which constrains supply. Additionally, the large student population creates a high demand for rental properties, impacting overall market dynamics. 

High property prices in Oxford’s most desirable areas often push buyers to look in surrounding towns and villages, affecting the city’s market growth. Despite Oxford’s strong economy, particularly in education, research, and technology, wage growth has not always kept pace with rising property prices.

Moreover, like many UK cities, Oxford’s property market has had to navigate the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, leading to caution among buyers and investors.

Despite these challenges, Oxford remains an attractive location for property investment, particularly in its most prestigious areas. The city’s strong economic foundations, world-class educational institutions, and enduring appeal to both domestic and international buyers suggest that demand for high-end properties is likely to remain robust.

Considering a Move to Oxfordshire

For those contemplating a move to Oxfordshire, whether to Oxford itself or the surrounding areas, it’s crucial to approach the decision with thorough research and careful consideration. While the city’s most expensive streets may be beyond the reach of many, Oxfordshire offers a diverse range of housing options to suit various budgets and lifestyles.

Key considerations for potential buyers include:

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